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Automatic writing


Free folding

Where is the dust

I only make a white paper. Buddhist Poems:There is no wisdom tree; nor a stand of a mirror bright, Since all is void, where can the dust alight? When we have nothing in our mind, where does the trouble from ?In this paper, we could see nothing. There are a lot of problem in daily life which bane were created by ourselves. Let’s lose the root of the problem.


Paper serial-2d


_KSD1575 _KSD1576 _KSD1577 _KSD1578 _KSD1579


I am using the paper to make sheep with different shape paper


Paper serial-3d









I am thinking the Coalescence がったい scene from Japanese animate. Huge mount of plane join together, it is going to transfer to a big robot.

Paper Clay done without tools


_KSD2193 _KSD2195

Use hand create female body. The story of Adam, god take a bone from his body to create the first female. Natural, No modification.

Paper Clay done with tools – express myself

Devil in I

Society is trying to abandon our humanity and feeling, turning people emotionless, madness and greedy. People is devil, they just cover up with some kind of mask. To protect ourself to avoid attack from others, we act like a evil. Many things has been torn my soul apart, the only thing I can do is showing rage to who trying to hurt me .
隨意 手做 object

_KSD0388 _KSD0389

Paper Clay done with objects-1

wp-1458574787716.jpg wp-1458574764196.jpg wp-1458574794482.jpg

Paper Clay done with objects-2

I think it would be interesting to add some drawing.

A phone
A bomb

Object mix with object-1


KS011145 KS011146 KS011147 KS011148 KS011149

Try to use monster, phone, camera to make some combination but the effect is not good, so I think I will do it other one.

Object mix with object-2

A camera robot
A bear robot
Small towers
Getter in a ruin city
Getter in a ruin city
A tower

This time I use some box create some combination.



Stair is a public space but it seem like a private space. When try to make this installation, security came here to stop me for a while. People could not enjoy this public space. Changing usage of a stairs by using table cover, stair become a picnic place. People now can enjoy some coffee with friends. There is no many place in CMC that could let student sit together and have a conversation. The form of this has been changed.

The coffee making is also performance which is happening in different place. While Performance happening I have record some video.

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